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  • Harmony with the environment

    With the experience of years, we help you to choose right product to provide the best harmony with your environment.
  • Selfless Workmanship

    As Kalüminyum trademark, we would like to be remembered with our Workmanship.
  • Types of Accessories

    Do not decide before you haven't seen our various accessories. We are one of companies having the most diverse products
  • Kalüminyum

    As Kaya Aluminium, we contribute on both your indoor and outdoor structures' beauty with our high quality aluminium railings and accesories.
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 Today, in the life of the modern city, aluminum systems and accessories have become inevitable to use. Thanks to its aesthetics and long lasting feature. now aluminium is preferred most in the all indoor and outdoor applications.

  • cam-tutamak
    Cam Tutamaklar
  • ankraj
    Ankraj Demirleri
  • baglanti
  • pleksi-topuz
    Pleksi Topuzlar
  • dekorlu-flans
    Dekorlu Flanşlar
  • bilezik
  • pleksi-aks
    Pleksi Aksesuarlar
  • tapa2
  • pirinc-baba
    Pirinç Babalar
  • donus1
  • duvar-flans
    Duvar Flanşları
  • pleksi-dikme
    Pleksi Dikmeler
  • kurtagiz
  • pirinc-dikme
    Pirinç Dikmeler
  • mafsal
    Mafsal Takımları
  • pleksi-baba
    Pleksi Babalar
  • tapa1
  • donus2
  • tutamak
  • renkli-pleksi-baba
    Renkli Pleksi Babalar
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Reasonable Pricing

Your idea is valuable for us


We provide "product warranty" as Kaya Aluminum to ensure complete customer satisfaction. The product you have ordered will be delivered as bug-free. We guarantee that the changes made ​​in case of possible problems. 
In the same way, we have been providing delivery guarantee in our ongoing applications.

We offer reasonable price for high quality products!


We offer the most affordable and reasonable price in the Aluminum accessories sector, and in return we provide 1st class product quality and craftsmanship. Valuing our customers and thinking long-term business volumes, we have been making pricing. You will never regret for choosing us.


Learn about aluminium accessories types and special Kalüminyum applications